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CreaCast players

Player Designer : Use Player Designer to generate the embed code of the player.

CreaCast radio player

Design information for the generic radio player

Data display

Metadata insertion (artist, title) in audio streams, RDS streams, PAD streams for DAB+

Display the current title on your website and/or on RDS receivers and/or on DAB+ receivers

Display the number of viewers/listeners on your website

API for stats download

STATS-API to get your realtime audience and daily logs

Standalone players




EdCast Standalone: Free but effective audio encoder (Windows only)

Nicecast: Audio encoder for Mac OS at affordable price.

SAM Cast / SAM Broadcaster: Audio encoder software and radio automation software with encoder included.

Wirecast: H.264/AAC encoder software by Telestream

Automatic audio archiving and Podcasts

Guide to generate podcasts from the automatic audio archives


Get my IP address and my transfer rate

Detect my plugins and my multimedia configuration (computer, smartphone, tablet)