Webcast TV

Video live streaming service

High quality live streaming service for your TV program.



We provide TV channels, webtv and video professionals with turnkey solutions for broadcasting live programs over the Internet. Thanks to an integrated infrastructure (netcenter, servers, bandwidth) and a team of experienced engineers (audio, video, network), we offer Internet TV broadcasting solutions perfectly adapted to all needs. Thematic channels, generalist channels, temporary lives, we have a solution for you.

Capture and encoding

Prior to the live streaming, your program is received at our headend or encoded directly on your site.

  • - Reception by DVB tuner
  • - Satellite reception (CreaCast teleport)
  • - Pre-routing via IP connection
  • - Pre-routing via satellite feed
  • - On-site encoding


The CDN (Content Delivery Network or) is the network of servers specialized in the delivery of your program to all users, everywhere. We own our personal CDN dedicated exclusively to professional live streaming and On Demand services.

Encoding formats and broadcasting formats

Encoding: H.264
Broadcasting: RTMP, RTSP, HLS

Responsive and adaptive player

We provide a player to embed on your website. This player is responsive with automatic quality adjustment, full screen mode, changeable startup image. Possible activation of advertising sequences before the start of playback (pre-roll).

Cross-platform compatibility

The broadcasting of your program is automatically adapted for the different equipments availables : responsive player, adaptive streaming.




Smart TV

Audience and statistics

You have an interface detailing the audience and statistics of consultation of your programs: instant audience, cumulative audience, geolocation, statistics.


You benefit from the permanent 24/7 monitoring of your programs thanks to the supervision function included in all our live streaming services. Receive email and SMS notifications in case of incidents. View event history from your user account.


  • No limitation of the number of users
  • No insertion of CreaCast watermarking or advertising
  • Responsive player to integrate on your website (embed code)
  • Streaming compatible computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Adaptive streaming (multiple bitrates)
  • Default encoding formats: H.264/AAC
  • CDN CreaCast
  • Audience, detailed statistics, worldwide geolocation
  • 24/7 supervision: audio, video, image freeze
  • Alerts: notification by email and SMS in the event of an incident
  • Technical support by email and phone 7 days a week


Webcast TV Pro

Startup plan with a monthly traffic under 10 TB
Monthly subscription 60 €  
Traffic 0,095 € per GB transfered


HD encoder rental 195 € monthly
+ additional setup fees
Satellite receiving
Free to air or
descrambling card provided
150 € monthly
+ additional setup fees

Webcast TV Tera

Applicable prices for monthly traffic over 10 TB
Monthly traffic Price per TB
Higher than 500 TB 55 €
250 to 500 TB 65 €
100 to 250 TB 75 €
50 to 100 TB 85 €
10 to 50 TB 95 €

Prices in € excl. VAT

CreaCast Terms of Sales (french)