Webcast Event

Live streaming service for your event

Streaming service of your event with capture options (with our partners) in adjustable configuration, satellite Internet access, live chat.



We organize the transfer of a team for video shooting of your event, from the simplest formula (mono camera) to the most complex (multiple cameras with director, camera operators and sound technician).

Live chat

Complementary chat module to the streaming service.

Mobile satellite Internet system

To ensure the broadcast of your event on the Internet even from areas without any access to the network, we deploy a mobile satellite Internet system.


The CDN (Content Delivery Network or) is the network of servers specialized in the delivery of your program to all users, everywhere. We own our personal CDN dedicated exclusively to professional live streaming and On Demand services.

Responsive and adaptive player

We provide a player to embed on your website. Display aspect and startup image can be modified.

Cross-platform compatibility

The broadcasting of your program is automatically adapted for the different equipments availables : responsive player, adaptive streaming.




Smart TV

Replay / VOD

A few minutes after the end of an event we can publish the raw viewable record for replay. Within the hour we can put online the highlight sequences.

Audience and statistics

You have an interface detailing the audience and statistics of consultation of your programs: instant audience, cumulative audience, geolocation, statistics.

Rates examples

Video live streaming

Live streaming TV flat rate 200 € 1000 simultaneous connections, 2 hours of streaming, encoding at 2 Mbps
Encoder 150 € per day

Audio live streaming

Live streaming radio flat rate 45 € 1000 simultaneous connections, 8 hours of streaming, encoding at 128 kbps
Encoder 100 € per day

Internet access by satellite

Mobile satellite Internet system 250 € per day
Data traffic 150 € 2 hours of broadcast with guaranteed speed at 3Mbps


Additional shipping fee for equipments

Prices in € excl. VAT

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