Transcast TV

Audio/video link over IP

TRANSCAST TV is our audio/video distribution service over IP for video professionals and TV channels. Route or distribute your program between different sites for your own use or for a contribution.



CreaCast provides permanent or temporary point to point links or contribution service for live audio/video streams.

Audio/video links

Whether it is broadcasting a conference from a remote site to several university halls or streaming a program for delivery on outdoor screens across a city, CreaCast offers temporary or permanent solutions of link over IP at affordable rates.

Audio/video distribution - TV contribution

CreaCast offers to TV channels an easy distribution solution for their live program to power a contribution network over IP, using standard Internet access points.

Distribution over the Internet, excluding VPN

Transmitting and receiving a feed for live broadcasting of a sporting, cultural or political event becomes possible via simple Internet access (SDSL, fiber or satellite KA band), without the need to join a VPN, with a rate finally affordable!