Transcast Radio

Audio, data, RDS links over IP

Turnkey audio transport service over IP that allows radio stations to route a program (audio + data) from an originating point (studio) to one or multiple destinations (broadcast transmitters, secondary studio).


A turnkey service

CreaCast provides radio stations with a turnkey solution for delivering a program (audio + data) from one originating point (studio) to one or multiple destinations (broadcast transmitters, secondary studios). CreaCast does not sell black boxes but provides a complete routing service including codecs delivery, warranty, automatic updates, 24/7 support and monitoring, and relationships with service providers (broadcasters and Internet access providers).


In audio transport applications, from studios to radio transmitters (FM, DAB), CreaCast takes care of the audio signal at its source (control room, technical room, automation system, FM tuner, satellite receiver) and routes it to point of destination with processes and bandwidth compatible with the required audio quality and quality of service. As a real alternative to microwave links and leased lines, the Transcast service offered by CreaCast benefits both from our expertise in audio transmission over IP networks and from our expertise in codecs.



Integrated tuner for monitoring

The CreaCast codec proposed as part of the service is the only codec in the world to integrate an FM + RDS tuner for a permanent control of the broadcasted program.

Réduction des coûts de transport audio

IP-based audio transport solutions from CreaCast can dramatically reduce the cost of routing the radio signal from studios to one or more transmitting sites. The cost of routing audio from studios to broadcast sites no longer depends on the distance traveled.

Compatibility with broadcasting operators

This service is fully compatible with the French operators TOWERCAST and TDF.

Supervision of broadcasting

Benefit from the 24/7 monitoring of your connections. Receive e-mail and SMS notifications for incidents. Check out the logs to clear the doubts.

Prices and comparison of versions





Codec included 1 Creabox MINI 1 Creabox STD 1 Creabox PRO
Form factor 9.0 x 6.2 x 2.0 (cm) 2U 2U
Monthly price 25 € 75 € 105 €
Security deposit 150 € 150 €  
Replacement warranty Shipment day+1 Coliposte Shipment day+1 UPS Standard Shipment day+1 UPS Express
Shipping costs Extra charge Included Included
Technical support Business days
Business hours
7 days a week
Business hours
7 days a week
7am - 10pm


Audio connectors (analog) XLR XLR XLR
Audio output level 0 dBu, not adjutable From -18 dBu to +18 dBu From -18 dBu to +18 dBu
Audio input level 0 dBu, not adjutable From -18 dBu to +18 dBu From -18 dBu to +18 dBu
Encoding / decoding MP3
Encoding / decoding FLAAC
Encoding / decoding AAC
Encoding / decoding AAC+
Double encoder : web streaming + link over IP
Encoding and decoding simultaneously Coding or decoding
Galvanic isolation audio (analog audio)
Sortie audio AES/EBU S-PDIF (digital audio) On request
Feedback of internal FM tuner and Internet broadcasting 1 simultaneous listener Up to 10 simultaneous listeners
Latency 1.0 sec min 1.0 sec min 1.0 sec min


Local playlist 500 MB max 1 GB max 2 GB max
Backup by simple electonic bypass
Backup by passive bypass by relay
Backup by local FM tuner

IP network

Number of Ethernet ports 1 2 2
Ports forwarding on DSL routers Not necessary Not necessary Not necessary
Secure IP transport, CreaCast VPN and CreaCast protocol
Unicast Multicast UDP
Site router with NAT between Eth1 and Eth2

GPIOs / Power supply

Power supply External Internal Internal
GPIO synchronous audio transport
On/Off 230V power interface for external router or box On request
On/Off control of the DSL router


Integrated RDS encoder
Collecting titles for RDS RadioText and PS
Broadcasting of RDS RadioText and PS titles with integrated RDS encoder
Broadcasting of RDS RadioText and PS titles with external RDS encoder
Broadcasting of RDS RadioText and PS titles with a Digiplexer


Immediate SMS alert on audio cut-off
Supervision of power supply
IP beam monitoring via SNMP proxy
FM transmitter monitoring via SNMP proxy
Monitoring of 5 serial ports
FMNET tuner monitoring

Prices in € excl. VAT

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