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Webcast Radio

Live streaming radio

Webcast Radio is the live streaming service for your radio program. With Webcast Radio the live streaming of your program on the Internet is carried out with the same levels of requirement and quality as your terrestrial broadcast.


Key features

On-site encoding or receiving and encoding at our headend
Cross-platform streaming compatibility (smartphones, tablets, computers)
Player provided to embed on your website
Audience and statistics
Ongoing monitoring with email/SMS notifications


Webcast TV

Live streaming TV

Webcast TV is the live streaming service for your TV program. With Webcast TV make your program available permanently on smartphones, tablets, computers and TV connected with the level of requirement and quality it deserves.


Key features

Receiving and encoding the program at our headend
Cross-platform compatibility (smartphones, tablets, computers, Smart TV)
Adaptive streaming (multi-quality)
Responsive player to embed on your website
Streaming protocols: RTMP, RTSP, HLS
Audience and statistics
Ongoing monitoring with email/SMS notifications


Webcast Event

Live streaming event

From a mono-camera for shooting a press conference to a multi-camera set with an OB unit for a sport event, a meeting or a convention, we provide complete solutions to broadcast your events to the highest number of viewers.


Key features

Shooting and on-site production (with our partners)
Video + Live chat / Powerpoint synchronization
Internet access by satellite
Player provided to integrate on your website
Web page with player and adapted design
Relay to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Dailymotion Live
Cross-platform compatibility (smartphones, tablets, computers)
Audience and statistics



Audio live streaming for POS, shops, public areas

Storecast is the audio/video distribution service over IP for stores and public areas. With Storecast distribute your program in retail stores through our remotely managed Creabox players.


Key features

Distribution (live streaming) of your program
In-store players provided
Permanent supervision of the streams and the equipments
Detailed statistics


Transcast Radio

Audio link over IP

Transcast Radio is the turnkey audio transport service over IP that allows radio stations to route a program (audio + data) from an originating point (studio) to one or multiple destinations (broadcast transmitters, secondary studio).


Key features

Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links
Codecs provided
Audio and RDS data transport
Audio monitoring of the remote site for control of broadcasting
Compatibility with the broadcast operators
Ongoing monitoring with email/SMS notifications


Transcast TV

Audio/video link over IP

Transcast TV is the audio/video distribution service over IP for video professionals and TV channels. With Transcast TV route or distribute your program between different sites for your private use or for a contribution.


Key features

OTT streams
TV contribution
Streaming to points of diffusion: outdoor screens, stores, points of sales
Encoder and decoder available as an option
Ongoing monitoring with email/SMS notifications
Technical support by phone included



Supervision of live streaming

SUPCAST (formerly FMNET) is our supervision service for your radio/TV broadcast infrastructure (terrestrial, satellite or Internet).
SUPCAST monitors streams, signals, sounds, videos, networks, equipments and ressources involved in your broadcast chain. Receive SMS and email notifications in case of failures. Check the status and the events historics of your infrastructure from your SUPCAST user account: http://supcast.eu


Key features

Supervision of audio and video streams
Supervision of network equipments
Alerts and notifications by email/SMS
Incident history and graphs



On demand, replay, podcast

ODcast is our On Demand file hosting service. With ODcast deliver your best programs in replay, anytime, from your website or your mobile applications.


Key features

Replay TV, catch-up TV
Audio on demand (AOD)
Video on demand (VOD)


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