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ABOUT US CreaCast is a service company created in 2005 at the initiative of specialists in the world of audiovisual, image and sound engineers, speakers in the fields of radio and TV media. CreaCast gathers a small team of consultants specialized in broadcast, audio, TV and network. We rely on permanent or occasional skills through a network of experts in the areas we cover.

WHY CREACAST? In our view today, simple equipment acquisition no longer meets the requirements of radio, television and audiovisual communication services. The virtualization of systems and networks, the generalization of transport and IP solutions introduce a complexity that moves away from the business of our customers. Our clients have chosen to concentrate their workforce and expertise on their business and not on specific technical means. Together with our customers and partners, we now believe that hardware alone, taken out of its shelf occasionally, has lost its meaning: the software upgrade, configuration, operation and supervision of hardware that brings the core of value and productivity. Thus, CreaCast does not sell any material. We provide and operate turnkey services based on systems we develop, manufacture or assemble. We make every effort to evolve the materials provided by upgrading them, recycling them instead of replacing them.

HOW? CreaCast is directly connected to fiber-optic nodes on the French and European nodes and has a bandwidth of over 150 Gbps for the mass distribution of content. Our infrastructure is based on 10Gbps connectivity. CreaCast also has a perfect opening towards the largest European access providers. Thanks to an intranet and a multi-system hypervision system, we operate a fleet of more than 3000 real or remote virtual systems (applications, sensors, codecs, transmitters, receivers) for our customers (studios, technical centers, production centers), or on third-party points of presence (machine rooms, broadcast sites). In addition, CreaCast has a teleport located in Strasbourg, allowing the reception of European television stations contributions programs.

WHAT WE OFFER? We broadcast and carry radio, television and live events on the internet. We provide related services: audio on demand, video on demand, supervision of streams, supervision of sites, technical support and cost study.

WHERE? CreaCast is present in Paris, Strasbourg, Milano (Italy) et Baden-Baden (Germany).